Tree Services

  • Forestry Mulching

    For Woodlot Reclamation & Land Clearing: [responsive_vimeo] Our Terex PT 110 Forestry Unit uses a 6ft. wide Gyrotrac Cutterhead to efficiently shred small trees and undergrowth. Advantages of this method include: Minimal ground disturbance. Minimal damage to root systems of valuable trees. Eliminates the need for burn piles. Mulch remains on ground to help […]

  • Expert Pruning

    Your trees are valuable assets, and proper pruning is critical in maintaining their health and structure. As a Certified Arborist since 2004, Nate has the knowledge and training to properly prune your trees, and has educated his experienced staff along the way. Our goal is to keep your trees as healthy as possible, and reduce […]

  • Tree Removal

    Trees provide many benefits for people and the environment, and therefore removal is usually a last resort. In cases where a tree is dying, dead, or hazardous, removal may be the only option. Additionally, trees are sometimes planted too densely, growing against the foundation of a house, or in the way of new construction. In these […]

  • Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding is recommended after removal of the tree in areas where the stump would be a nuisance or an eyesore. The stump is ground to several inches below grade (more in cases where a replacement tree will be placed in the same location). Any surface roots can also be eliminated with the stump grinder.

  • Emergency Storm Damage

    Nate’s Tree Service responds to tree damage due to ice and wind storms, and provides emergency service to customers who have had tree damage to their property. Trees that have been damaged benefit from restorative pruning, and those that have fallen or split require safe and timely removal. Nate’s Tree Service has performed such operations […]

  • Woodlot Reclamation

    Wooded areas in Central Oklahoma are often so overgrown that they are virtually impenetrable and completely unusable.  Nate’s Tree Service excels at converting these areas to open, healthy woodlands.  We often perform this type of work when someone is building a home on a wooded acreage or to restore areas that are used for wildlife […]

  • Land Clearing for Construction

    Land Clearing for Construction Nate’s Tree Service offers tree, brush, and stump removal for all sizes of construction projects, from new home sites to large industrial projects. Increasingly, project bid specifications are calling for tree material to be disposed of in a landfill (very expensive) or recycled, rather than burned on-site. We have the capability to […]

  • Right-of-Way Clearing

    Nate’s Tree Service provides right-of-way clearing services for oil pipeline companies, electric companies, highway departments, and municipalities.