Land Clearing for Construction


Land Clearing for Construction

Nate’s Tree Service offers tree, brush, and stump removal for all sizes of construction projects, from new home sites to large industrial projects.

Increasingly, project bid specifications are calling for tree material to be disposed of in a landfill (very expensive) or recycled, rather than burned on-site. We have the capability to reduce large numbers of trees to wood chips and haul them to our facility for recycling, which is more cost-effective and better for the environment.

Examples of large-scale site clearing projects we’ve completed include the Stillwater Medical Center South Campus on 12th St. and the OSU Track & Field project. References from these large projects, as well as from homeowners, are available upon request.


Tree Protection During Construction

For those planning to develop land and intending to keep some of the existing trees, Nate’s can help you determine which trees can and should be saved, and develop a plan to protect them during construction. We have much experience in this area, having established tree protection areas on many construction sites (including the Stillwater Medical Center project).

It is well-worth the cost of these services to protect valuable trees that would otherwise be lost to construction damage. If tree protection measures are not taken, most sites lose an unacceptable number of trees (sometimes all of them) in the years following construction.

So whether you plan on building a home within a woodlot or keeping some existing trees on a large industrial project, let Nate’s Tree Service help you reach your goals.